Yes that right, Tony Romo has his hand on my shoulder. He was one of the producers of the film and a great guy. If you know me I am a big Redskins fan so this guy has ruined a lot of my Sundays. We sat and talked football for an hour at the premier.
I had so much fun working with this group of guys. Really did't seem like work. The writer and creater Joe Mazello is funny and serious all in one package. He kept the production on schedule but made the experience a blast. Anytime Joe.
I am currently filming a great story called "Undrafted" written by Joe Mazzello and produced by Chace Crawford. I don't want to give away the plot but it is a story about life's strikeouts and home runs. I am having so much fun on this movie. My good friends know how much of a sports nut I am so to be playing a catcher and taking 80-90 mile an hour pitches is a dream come true.
Ryan and Tony Romo
tony romo
Will and Grace and Ryan Pinkston
Will and Grace Ryan Pinkston on sofa with cast