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Ryan Pinkston Acrobatic Kicks
From world champion Ryan Pinkston & Anthony Atkins Ryan Pinkston & Anthony Atkins are masters in Freestyle Martial Arts. This DVD has the following contents: - simple kicks, acrobatic moves, jump kicks, turned kicks, footstep techniques, jumped kicks with different twists, kick combinations, different Freestyle Katas single and team video fromthe French open 2001 - Freestyle Kata from the French open 2001. The DVD is playable in the following languages: - French - English - German - Spanish - Italian - Portugisisch total duration: 62 minutes
A lot of people have been asking about buying my DVDs so I decided to publish a page were you can see all the DVD's of me out there and were they can be purchased. Click on the Image to go to the link. I do not accept liability on sales you purchase at your own risk. Soon I will be selling videos on Ryan's Mall here but till then try these out.
Ryan Pinkston  MTVs Punkd
MTV's guerilla version of television pranking makes sadistically compelling entertainment. Host, co-creator, and mastermind Ashton Kutcher's unprecedented attack on celebrity egos--via con jobs so elaborate they might have been lifted from episodes of Mission: Impossible--can certainly make one cringe and perhaps fret over the show's dubious ethics. But there's no question of a highway-accident appeal to many of Punk'd's practical jokes, including the first season's assaults on actress Eliza Dushku (shattered after being set up to look like a shoplifter) and Justin Timberlake (devastated when he finds faux IRS agents confiscating his house, possessions, and pets). Ryan, a spurious reporter who solicits hugs from the likes of Tori Amos and Christina Applegate
Ryan Pinkston Soul Plane
The halarious slapstick comedy Soul Plane touches down on DVD in an unrated "Mile High Edition" that adds five minutes of more outrageous material that should appeal to fans who queued up for this urban take on Airplane! Kevin Hart stars a young man who becomes the head of the first all-black airline after winning a major lawsuit. Complications arise during the maiden voyage courtesy of a chemically impeded pilot (Snoop Dogg), a misplaced white family (led by Tom Arnold and Ryan Pinkston), and Hart's scheming cousin (Method Man). Snoop, Method, Arnold, and Missi Pyle are the most amusing in the game cast, but too frequently, any attempt to pull Soul Plane out of a scatological tailspin is undone by music-video helmer Jessy Torero's unfocused direction. Still, the gags come fast and furious, so for there's undoubtedly something to laugh at amidst the bathroom and ethnic jibes.
Ryan Pinkston Spy Kids 3D
The adventures of pint-sized secret agents Juni and Carmen Cortes (Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega) continue. As Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over opens, Juni has left the spy agency and launched a career as a private detective--but when he learns that his sister Carmen has disappeared into a nefarious multi-user computer game, he agrees to go in after her, with the assistance of his grandfather (Ricardo Montalban). Three-dimensional special effects launch us into a topsy-turvy world of battling robots, souped-up motorcycle races, frogs on pogo sticks, surfing on hot lava, and much, much more. Introducing Ryan Pinkston in his feature film debut.
Ryan Pinkston Bad Santa
Instantly qualifying as a perennial cult favorite, Bad Santa is as nasty as it wants to be, and there's something to be said for comedy without compromise. The Coen brothers conceived the basic idea and served as executive producers, but it's director Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Ghost World) who brings his unique affinity for losers and outcasts to the twisted tale of Willie T. Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton), a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed sexaholic safe-cracker who targets a different department store every holiday season, playing Santa while he cases the joint with his dwarf elf-partner Marcus (Tony Cox). With comedic support from Bernie Mac, Ryan Pinkston, Lauren Graham, Cloris Leachman, and John Ritter in his final film. NOTE there are two versions Bad (suitable for kids) and Badder (not suitable for kids)
Being the most popular guy in school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in this uproarious teen comedy. Tired of being the resident school nerd, Sam (Ryan Pinkston, TV’s Punk’d, Soul Plane, Bad Santa, Quintuplets, Spy Kids 3D) comes up with a series of outrageous lies to ingratiate himself with the in-crowd. Astoundingly, when his fabrications start coming true, he begins living his dream high school existence. However, dating the hottest girl in the class, driving a Porsche and being captain of the basketball team is not always as glamorous as it seems! Joining him for senior year are Kate Mara (Shooter, Brokeback Mountain), Teri Polo (Meet the Fockers, TV’s The Wedding Bells), Craig Kilborn (TV’s The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Old School) and Carmen Electra (Epic Movie, Getting Played). The DVD features a locker full of special features including outrageous deleted/extended scenes and featurettes