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and I save the BEST for last Mr. George Wendt.... what an professional. When I heard he was joining the cast of Clipped I was so excited. George brought so much to the show, both on and off set. George thank you for all the advice and guidance. The creators of the show Max Mutchnick and David Kohan came to me on the set one day and said hey let's make a viral video spoof commercial. This is the result of thier combined vision. Hope you enjoy.
Clipped TBS

I will never foret my time on TBS's "Clipped". It was not only a pleasure to work on such a well written produced TV show it was an honor. I have been working with Ashley on a spin off show from her "Young and Hungry" serires and I will have some very exciting news about not just one but two new projects with the creators of Clipped, so stay tunned.

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